How To Pick Kitchen Scale -Buying Guide


Even if a kitchen scale in principle has only one task to perform, you should still consider a few things before buying a new model. For example, it pays not to just buy the next best cheap kitchen scale on offer, but to think about which design you want to buy beforehand. You should also take a look at the features before comparing prices between the models you’re considering.

Types of kitchen scales

Essentially, there are three different types of kitchen scales design, between which you can choose the best kitchen scale for your purposes.

Balance scale: everyone knows the classic scale and especially in markets you can always find them. Basically, most pieces for home are used more as decorative objects, even if you work relatively accurately. However, the time required for daily use is simply too high compared to other models. In addition, it does not have a tare function, so it is simply impractical. The big advantage, however, is that you do not need a battery and some models are also very pretty to look at.

Mechanical scales: Here there are models that have a footprint, as well as those that are used hanging, by hanging the weight at the bottom of a spring. However, this type is rarely found in private use, as it is extremely impractical in everyday life. Classic mechanical models often have the advantage that you can also measure higher weights of 10 kilograms and more, which is usually not the case with digital scales. Mechanical scales also do not require a battery and are absolutely sufficient for everyday use in terms of accuracy. Some models also offer a tare function, so you can also weigh the contents of bowls on the scale well. However, since the springs inside wear out over time, the accuracy of these models steadily decreases.

Digital scales: digital scales are the best-selling scales today. They offer the advantage of having a very compact design, being very accurate, tareable and also very easy to use. However, compared to the other models, you will need a battery, but it can usually last for several years with normal use without any problems. Most digital scales are limited to a weight between 2 and 4 kilograms. Therefore, if you often want to weigh larger quantities, a cheap digital scale is unsuitable.

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Features of kitchen scales

The recommendation is to choose the kitchen scale that best suits your needs and usage habits. That is, if you need to weigh higher weights more often, you should go for a mechanical model or a high-quality and large digital device that can measure sufficiently high weights. However, if you want to use the scale for common home use for baking and weighing small items, buying a digital scale is certainly the best decision.

Also, pay attention to the display. This is especially important if you plan to use the scale mostly in a slightly darker place on your countertop. Here, it can be of great advantage if the display is illuminated. If you use very large bowls or containers for weighing, also make sure that the footprint on the scale is large enough so that nothing can tip over. Some models already come with a matching bowl. Depending on how you plan to use the scale, this can also be an advantage over models with a flat weighing surface. One feature that is also worth thinking about is waterproofing. Some devices are completely waterproof, so that the scale can be used even under moisture and does not suffer a defect if it gets completely wet. Testing has shown that simple digital kitchen scales quickly tend to fog up inside the display, which can quickly lead to a defect – and if the display of the digital scale is defective, you will have to dispose of the entire model.

Regardless of which model or price category you choose, be sure to include a tare function so you can always tare empty measuring containers to 0. This will save you a lot of work in everyday life, as you can fill individual ingredients one by one into the measuring container and measure them without having to calculate the weight of another ingredient. In order for the battery to last long on the digital scale, there should also be an automatic shut-off function. However, in addition to the durability of the battery, the scale itself should also last as long as possible. Therefore, look for high-quality shock-resistant materials. Scales with glass support surface or bowls are easy to clean and look nice, but you must remember that the glass will usually not survive a fall.

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Price ranges

Basically, kitchen scales for everyday use can be divided into three price categories. First of all, there are simple models under 10 dollars, which are very simply designed and often made of somewhat more fragile and simpler materials. Nevertheless, especially inexpensive digital scales measure quite accurately and are usually absolutely sufficient for home use.

The next category is the models between 10 and 30 dollars, where most kitchen scales are located. Within this category, you will find various models of different materials (plastic, glass, metal) and already very good mechanical and digital scales. Depending on your requirements, you can find in this price range already waterproof models or also devices with additional functions such as lighting, different knife value settings or scales made completely of stainless steel.

The professional range then starts at 30 dollars and is open upwards. Scales in this price range are usually designed for special requirements, so they are not intended for every need.

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