5 Best Tarragon Substitutes

Best Tarragon Substitutes

What is tarragon in the first place? It is an aromatic herb widely used in French cooking and it can be used on meat, fish, some legumes such as chickpeas or even fennel. It is also called “estragon” and some people also like to smell its aroma on eggs and fish.

Moreover it can also be cultivated at home and it can grow up to 80 cm tall! But if you don’t have it in your cupboard, what can you do? Don’t worry! It can be easily substituted in 5 ways: chives, anise, chervil, thyme can be used instead. In some cases even a mix of aromas such as basil, pepper and oregano can replace tarragon. It should be remembered there are no limits about the type of dish to be seasoned with these aromatic herbs: they can be used in any dish, according to one’s taste! It should be noticed, however, that they will flavor very well both meat and fish as well as many salads! Here are the explanation and the use of these substitutive spices.

Best Tarragon Substitutes


This aromatic herb is an excellent substitute for tarragon and also onion. It leaves its strong flavor in the mouth and can also be grown on your balcony: in summer it will give you vibrant flowers. Here is a recipe in which it can be used instead of tarragon.


Anise has a very particular taste and it is excellent to replace the famous spice used in French cooking, tarragon. Plus it also acts as a stimulant, anticoagulant and digestive. Here below is a recipe that contains anise instead of tarragon.

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Chervil is lesser known than the other spices, but it is a sibling (almost twin) of parsley. The only difference between the two lies in taste: chervil has a less strong flavor than parsley and has an aniseed aftertaste. It is great to use in dishes such as soups, fish sauces, egg salads, poultry dishes, white meat, rabbit. Here a recipe in which chervil is used instead of tarragon.


Thyme is a great alternative to tarragon and can also be easily grown at home in fairly large pots. It leaves a great flavor, especially on meat and fish. Here is a recipe where you can use it.

Pepper, basil, oregano

Sometimes tarragon can also be substituted by a mix of herbs such as pepper, basil, oregano. This combination of herbs is great for leaving a strong flavor in the dish, especially if it is a salad. Here is a recipe in which to use this “mix”.

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