5 Best Chocolate Fountains in 2021 + Buyer’s Guide

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Best Chocolate Fountains – Guide, Opinions and Comparisons. Let’s go to details.

Those who love chocolate certainly can not give up a beautiful electric fountain, designed precisely to enjoy it hot and melted, to garnish candies or fruit. This is the theme and the protagonist of our shopping guide, in which we try to clarify the characteristics of chocolate fountains, reporting some of the best proposals on the market. If you do not have time to devote to the complete reading of our guide, here are two small previews. In the first place, you will find Nostalgia CFF986 4-Tier 2-Pound Chocolate Fondue Fountain in Stainless Steel, an easy to use and clean appliance made of stainless steel. In the second place is Wilton Mini Chocolate Fountain, a small and efficient model made of the same material and the cheapest choice of our collection.

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Nostalgia CFF986 4-Tier 2-Pound Chocolate Fondue Fountain

The Nostalgia CFF986 fountain is a our best choice for those who want a warming fountain that is a little smaller. Unlike some fountains, this model does state that it can also be used for things like nacho cheese, liqueurs, barbecue sauce and other liquids.

$ Budget Pick


Wilton Mini Chocolate Fountain

For a more affordable chocolate fountain, we recommend the Wilton Mini Chocolate Fountain, which offers a smaller chocolate capacity but still has an nessecary features that gives you the fountain that you want.

1.Nostalgia CFF986 4-Tier 2-Pound Chocolate Fondue Fountain

Nostalgia’s 4-tier fountain is appropriate for concerning 20 to 25 people. It’s a really manageable size for parties and events. It’s an auger-style fountain therefore you’ll use different sorts of ingredients with it besides chocolate.

It’s straightforward to assemble the tiers, therefore you may simply store it in items for additional space. The motor and warmth are separate controls. you’ll be able to run thicker ingredients through the auger vogue pump, or sauces that don’t need heating.

The feet are changeable. If the chocolate is flowing down only 1 side, you can adjust the feet till you get an excellent flow. a giant draw back is that the motor is noisy, however if you propose to use it outside the noise might not be as big of a factor. It conjointly doesn’t have a inbuilt level, so you’ll got to dig yours out of the drawer.


  • There’s a rather larger capability for larger parties.
  • The items split up quickly and simply for improvement or storage.
  • You will use it for alternative ingredients.
  • It includes a separate heater and pump control.


  • The motor is noisy.
  • No built-in level.

2.Sephra Elite Electric Chocolate Fondue Fountain

Sephra Elite Electric Chocolate Fondue Fountain

Add some life to the party by adding this electric chocolate fondue fountains to the itinerary. It’s a novel QuickSet Tier assembly that ought to look okay in several settings. And with a height of nineteen inches, it’ll stand out. the great styling will contribute thereto turning into the focal point. it’s an outsized capability to serve an honest range of guests and encompasses a whisper-quiet motor to stop any inconvenience.
The stainless steel basin holds the chocolate intact and prevents spillage. due to the character of the fabric and sleek finish, cleansing the bowl won’t be a problem. It will need assembly, and this can be fairly easy and doesn’t require any advanced information or skill.


  • Easy to use
  • Good capacity
  • Whisper-quiet motor


  • Cleaning it should be a touch challenging


3.Wilton Mini Chocolate Fountain

Wilton Mini Chocolate Fountain

I looked through a large number of chocolate fountains. If you want to own a product at a reasonable price but still satisfy your family’s wishes. Then I would recommend you a product of the famous Wilton brand.

It creates a continuous chocolate waterfall, so you can dip various delicious things in it. Its size is surprisingly very compact, you can easily carry it. Like most electrical appliances, the fountain is not adapted to immersion in water.

The bowl has a special design that supports chocolate melting, while the three cans have enough space for an easy dive. And what about cleaning? The central tube is detachable, so you can quickly clean the fountain. It can hold 1 pound (453 g) of melted chocolate 10.2 inches high.


  • Perfect to complement your party
  • Lightweight for you
  • Easy to use
  • Feet at the bottom adjustable


  • Works only with molten chocolate
  • Cleaning can be difficult

4.Wilton Chocolate Pro Chocolate Fountain

Wilton Chocolate Pro Chocolate Fountain

Coming with a capability of four pounds, this chocolate fountain incorporates a sensible capacity for everyday needs. It also has a fashionable style and a height of sixteen inches/ 40.6 cm to suit most places. Like alternative types, it works with different styles of chocolate and is additionally ideal for many places. These embrace the home, wedding, anniversary, restaurant, hotel, and dinner.

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The unit stays firm to forestall spillage and has a practical stainless-steel bowl to carry the chocolate. The 3 canopies provide straightforward dipping of the bites or snacks within the bowl while not making a mess. You also get easy-to-adjust legs and cool-to-touch surfaces. The fountain is simple to take apart and this simplifies the cleanup. golf stroke it back along is additionally hassle-free and you have got directions to guide you.


  • A silent and powerful mechanism
  • Suitable for various kinds of chocolate
  • Easy to clean


  • Not for heavy operation

5.Nostalgia CFF1000 Cascading Fondue Fountain

Nostalgia CFF1000 Cascading Fondue Fountain

Another nostalgia model! This one forgoes the standard fountain vogue for an field of study style that directs the chocolate down totally different tiers and paths. it’s a two-pound capacity. If gaps within the fountain trouble you with other styles, this directed flow is also additional pleasing.

It encompasses a stainless-steel base, and therefore the tiers are simple to assemble together. It will build some noise whereas the motor is running. The auger style mechanism can handle other ingredients like queso dip, and you’ll be able to manage the component individually for cold sauces.

You ought to align the cups specifically right, or the chocolate that gathers towards the rear of every cup cools and hardens, hindering the flow. Also, we have a tendency to suggest cleansing all the fountains right when use, however with this model, it’s significantly necessary that you just don’t wait to clean all the tiny cups. You’ll be at the sink for hours different wise.


  • The unusual design of this model sets it apart from others
  • It is possible to use different ingredients.
  • There are separate heat and pump controls.


  • The motor is noisy
  • You need to align the plastic cups so that the flow is continuous

What design and material are right for me?

The first consideration to be made concerns the solidity and robustness of the product, which are identified with the materials used for its realization. Most of the fountains on the market are made of steel or plastic suitable for food use and heat resistant.

It goes without saying that steel is much more resistant than plastic, but obviously also more expensive;

in addition, a fountain with steel components is probably heavier and less manageable than a plastic one.

Another consideration to make concerns the design of the product, and not only from an aesthetic point of view even if the eye wants its part, but related to its functionality. A chocolate fountain equipped with non-slip feet, even better if adjustable in height, is the best choice for those who want safety and more stability during use.

As for the design related only to aesthetics, the variety of models on the market allows you to choose fountains with a vintage look or modern and sophisticated, depending on your preferences.

When choosing to consider capacity and noise

Another feature to be carefully evaluated concerns the capacity of the chocolate fountain, very important especially the intention is to buy it for home parties with many guests. The amount of chocolate that can be placed inside the fountains for domestic use varies from about 400 g minimum to a maximum of 2 kg.

Consider that about 1 kg is enough to delight about ten people, so the 500 g models are suitable for parties with few guests. It is also necessary to evaluate the functions supplied with the appliance and, in case, the possibility of adjusting the heat of the chocolate.

The best models are equipped with the function of keeping warm, very useful to avoid overloading the motor by keeping the machine on continuously. Moreover, some chocolate fountains tend to be a bit noisy when they are in operation, and this is another factor to be evaluated before purchasing.

The majority of these devices are used during festive days, so even if they make a bit of a racket, you probably won’t notice it.

What about cleaning and using other products?

Another element to be evaluated before buying is the versatility of the chocolate fountain, i.e. the possibility to use also other foods to melt and cascade, such as sauces or even cheese.

The same applies to the type of chocolate to be used, because for some machines only special products must be used, while others are more versatile. To ensure correct use, just read the instructions on the packaging of the machine.

A final evaluation to be made concerns the cleaning of the product, which is mandatory after each use. It is important to evaluate the possibility of breaking down the various components, especially the tower on which the chocolate slides.

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In fact, there are few models that allow you to wash some of their pieces in the dishwasher, so we recommend you to follow the instructions for use of the product to avoid compromising its operation.

How the chocolate fountain works

A chocolate fountain is an appliance composed of a base, on which a central tower develops, where the melted chocolate flows from the connected trays. Most chocolate fountains are developed on two or three levels, but this detail varies depending on the model.

The base is also equipped with a tray, inside which the chocolate is inserted, which is transported to the top of the tower and then re-cast as a fountain on the various heights. These appliances vary in design, capacity, materials and practicality, all of which we have covered in our shopping guide.

In this article we discover how to use this appliance and what are its peculiarities, in order to make the best use of it.

A step-by-step guide to making a chocolate fountain

The first step, in order to use the fountain in the right way, is to read carefully the instructions on the packaging of the chosen model, even if in general almost all these appliances work in the same way.

The second step is to melt the chocolate before inserting it in the fountain, even if it is written in the product specifications that you can insert it in small pieces. In this way you save a lot of time and consumption because the fountain has to preheat and, by putting the chocolate already melted, you simply speed up the operation.

And the last one. To preheat the chocolate you can use the microwave or, if not, the bain-marie technique is fine. When it is melted it can be placed inside the tray at the base of the central column, and then turn on the appliance. In a few minutes, the melted chocolate starts to come down from the tower at a perfect temperature to be enjoyed.

How to serve a chocolate fountain?

The chocolate fountain is usually placed in the middle of the table, and around it are placed the other foods to be sprayed with this delight. The chocolate is in fact perfect with pieces of fruit, or meringues, pieces of cake or whatever else you like.

Very important the organization, because a chocolate fountain is likely to dirty everywhere if there are no suitable tools. Precisely for this reason, the best solution is to provide guests with skewers, forks, toothpicks, napkins and plates. An essential trick, especially when it comes to children’s parties.

Finally, there are also chocolate fountains to use with other foods, and even in this case we recommend you to read carefully the specifications, reported by the manufacturer of the model you have chosen.

Which is the most suitable chocolate?

Chocolate fountains offer their best performance with certain types of chocolate, and usually the manufacturer always specifies the quality to use with the appliance. In general, the dark one is the most popular, thanks to the high quantity of cocoa that makes it fluid faster, but also to maintain this consistency.

You can also use milk chocolate and white chocolate, but to improve their consistency better add seed or olive oil. Also for this reason it is recommended to melt the chocolate before putting it in the fountain, even if it will take a little more patience to reach the final result.

Does it only work with chocolate?

The chocolate fountain was designed for this special ingredient, but many models allow you to use other products as well, not only part of the world of sweets. If you love cheese, for example, this appliance is perfect; the same goes for sauces, from barbecue to ketchup (maybe homemade).

The chocolate fountain can also be used to make caramel or maple syrup flow, and why not liqueurs. The possibilities of use are really many, but not to make mistakes, we recommend you read carefully the instructions of the model you have chosen, aiming at versatility if you want a fountain to be used with many different ingredients.

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