7 best substitutes for rosemary

7 best substitutes for rosemary

Having to substitute substitutes for rosemary isn’t a disaster for your recipe, because there are many alternative herbs and spices that can replace both fresh and dried rosemary.

Substitutes for fresh rosemary

The best substitutes for fresh rosemary include basil, oregano, and dried rosemary, among others.


Basil possesses a similar profile and flavor to rosemary, and the fresh leaves are readily available worldwide. You can use a little more basil where a recipe calls for it in terms of rosemary.



Oregano has a slightly spicy quality that is only intensified in the dried form. While this will slightly change the flavor profile from rosemary, it works as a good substitute.

Dried Rosemary

Obviously, the best substitute for fresh rosemary, in terms of taste, would be to use dried rosemary.

Since many people have dried rosemary on their spice shelves, this is the most common substitute for fresh rosemary.

Substitutes for dried rosemary

If you want to substitute dried rosemary in a recipe, the best options include thyme, tarragon, and bay leaf, among others.



Thyme has an aromatic quality that makes it very potent in many dishes, so while it works as a good substitute for rosemary, it can easily overpower a dish.

Just be sure to use less thyme than a recipe’s recommended amount of rosemary.


This has an intense, savory flavor, making it a popular substitute for rosemary in savory sauces, stews and meat dishes. No more than a teaspoon should be needed for most recipes.

Bay Leaf

A single bay leaf can affect the flavor of an entire dish, but it can also mimic the savory spice of rosemary, making it a popular substitute.

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Cumin Seeds

These seeds can be ground into a powder and used as a concentrated substitute for dried rosemary.

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