What is black Venus rice?

black Venus rice

Venus rice is a variety of rice easily recognizable because characterized by its black grains. It is a valuable rice, having countless beneficial properties for health and for the line, in cooking it is versatile and suitable for many recipes.

Venus Rice Features and Properties

Venus rice is a type of brown rice with a very dark purple color, also known as black rice. It has a particular intense and nutty taste, definitely different from white or brown rice. Its aroma strongly recalls the smell of freshly baked bread. Like all kinds of rice, it does not contain gluten, therefore it can be consumed by celiac people or by those who suffer from intolerances.

Benefits of Venus Rice

Venus rice is particularly rich in antioxidants, which are the molecules with which our body counteracts the activity of free radicals and prevents all those dysfunctions associated to cellular aging, such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Among the many varieties of rice, Venus rice has a good concentration of mineral salts, moreover, thanks to the high contribution of fibers it is able to slow down the intestinal absorption of fats and sugars, favoring a correct level of cholesterol and glycemia.
Venus rice provides insoluble fibers useful for promoting bowel regularity.
Among the antioxidants present in this rice there are anthocyanins (which give its grains the typical black color) and selenium, which helps fight oxidative stress associated not only to the phenomena of cellular aging, but also to the onset of diseases, which endanger cardiovascular health.

Nutritional values of Venus rice
Black Venus rice contains an average quantity of proteins and few fatty acids. Among vitamins are well represented those of group B, whereas among mineral salts are present good quantities of potassium and phosphor, as well as iron, zinc and selenium.

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These are the nutritional values for 100 grams of Venus rice:

Carbohydratesg 62,8
Proteineg 7,7
Fatsg 2
Sugarsg 2,2
Fibersg 4,8
Ironmg 1,2
Calciummg 13
Zincmg 1,4
Potassiummg 280
Manganesemg 3,5
Seleniummg 10

Black rice contains less calories, less carbohydrates and more protein than other whole grain or white rice and can be consumed, at least once a week, even up to 100 grams.

Calories of Venus Rice
100 grams of Venus rice provide about 360 kcal, therefore it is ideal for those who want to have a low-calorie and low-fat diet.

Venus Rice and Carbohydrates
Venus rice is characterized by the presence of essential fatty acids and complex carbohydrates of slow absorption.

This particularity makes it a special ally of intestinal regularity, thanks to which it is possible to appreciate considerable advantages concerning the contrast of abdominal swelling, one of the most annoying consequences of constipation.

Venus Rice and mineral salts
As for mineral salts, Venus rice contains mainly zinc: with excellent anti-inflammatory properties; iron: to fight anemia and calcium: to keep bones and teeth healthy.

Is venus rice suitable for diet?

Introducing Venus rice in the diet helps in the loss of abdominal bloating.
It has high nutritional power and thanks to the good protein and fiber intake, it promotes a greater sense of satiety, reducing hunger.

Venus Rice and good mood

Moreover, Venus rice is a friend of good mood. In fact, thanks to its richness in B vitamins, minerals such as magnesium and potassium and tryptophan, it contrasts tiredness and stress. The low glycemic index and the rich essential nutrients promote psychophysical well-being helping to maintain high energy levels.

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