Apple Breakfast Recipes

15 Apple Breakfast Recipes

Apples for breakfast are a logical choice for those who want to eat tasty, varied, and healthy. It is a versatile fruit that is good in any form – raw or baked, whole or grated. In addition, the juicy fruit goes well with most foods that are traditionally eaten at the beginning of the day […]

No-bake pumpkin fudge

No-bake Pumpkin Fudge Tart – Try Something New

Happy Friday! The pumpkin season continues and was looking for a recipe to please your family with a new pumpkin dish. Who do you think helped me with the recipe?Of course Magda from Oatmeal Stories, you know she always has magical dishes.This time she made No-bake pumpkin fudge tart. I share with you the recipe: […]

banana waffles

Banana protein waffles

Hey, everybody. How are you doing? I wanted to eat something sweet this morning. So I decided to make banana waffles. One good recipe Natalia told me on her blog. Let’s read her idea for waffles. That’s all for today. Write in the comments if you liked the recipe. Image credit:

Cacao tahini oatmeal for breaakfast.

Cacao tahini oatmeal for breakfast

Today I want to share with you one tasteful recipe for breakfast from one of my favorite food bloggers – Magda. She cooked healthy creamy cacao tahini oatmeal for breakfast this morning. Let’s read her idea for breakfast. Cacao tahini oatmeal recipe That’s all for today. Write in the comments if you liked the recipe. […]